Can sprinklers go off by mistake?

Each sprinkler can only be triggered individually when the temperature it senses exceeds somewhere in the region of 70 degrees centigrade. So unlike smoke detectors that can be triggered accidentally by smoke from cooking these can only be activated when a sprinkler head detects a specified heat directly underneath it.

When there is a fire are all the sprinkler heads in a system activated?

Only the sprinkler head directly above the heat source will be activated initially – if this does not extinguish the fire then others in the vicinity will be triggered to extinguish the source of the fire.

Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Expensive

Our client’s are always surprised at how cost effective the installation of a sprinkler system can be. Installation cost will vary fro every project and be determined by whether a new-build, renovation or being retro-fitted.

How effective are sprinkler systems at saving lives?

No one has ever died in property fire in the UK where a sprinkler system has been installed.

Sprinklers vs Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are only alarms – although they are effective they are triggered when smoke is sensed but do nothing to tackle the source of the fire. Sprinkler systems on the other hand detect the heat source and extinguish the source of the fire.

Won't sprinklers be an eyesore?

No they are fully concealed and hidden from full view.

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